10 Benefits of Water for Your Health

Water is the most important component of the human body. About 55 – 78% of the human body is filled with water. So, make sure if you have met your daily water needs as we can get many benefits from water.

If you think water can make you fat, slide it away. Water has no calorie, fat, carbohydrate and sugar. Water is only oxygen and hydrogen.

Some experts recommend us to drink eight to ten glasses per day to keep our body hydrated as  each cell in the body gets a good supply of water.

Institute of Medicine finds a theory that human body needs 2,2 – 3 liters of glass per day. It equals 13 glasses per day for men; and 9 glasses per day for women. This size can be adjusted to your age and body size.

Here are 10 benefits of drinking water regularly from Top 10 Home Remedies:

1. Reduce Fatigue
Are you feeling tired quite often lately? You could be dehydrated. Dehydration can make some organs do not function effectivelly.

When our body is in dehydrated, our heart will work twice harder to pump the oxygenated blood to the whole body through the bloodstream due to a decrease in blood volume.  Therefore, if you feel exhaustion, find water, drink it and rest for a while. You can wake up again as a new human.

2. Boost Your Mood
Water in your body can affected your mood and cognitive abilities. If you drink enough water, then you get your positive mood back.

3. Relieve Your Headache
Dehydration can caused headaches. Europea Journal of Neurology find that drinking lots of water can helps reduce headaches.

4. Your Digestion Best Friend
Water is playing prominent role for us to digest soluble fiber. Lack of water can cause constipation and inhibit the rate of digestion of food that enters the intestine, if it is constantly passed through the digestive tract will naturally be damaged. Body metabolism can increase by drinking lots of water. It helps smoothen the food processing system because bowel movements become orderly. Some experts refer us to drink warm water when experiencing constipation because it is good for improving food digestion.

5. Put up Appetite, Reduce Body Weight
Loss of appetite can endanger the body because it does not get the consumption of nutrients from food that should be consumed. If you experience the problem before you start eating, drink at least one glass of water. Some researchers says, it is good to increase your appetite.  Beyond that, consuming enough water can also help you lose weight because the tendency to eat more is smaller.

6. Get Rid of Toxins
There are toxins in the body that comes through the food or drinks that we consume (without being aware of it). Water is the best choice to help remove toxins from the body and remove other risky substances through sweat and urine with a urination system.

7. Avoiding Kidney Stones
Water can thin the salt and minerals in the urine that cause kidney stones to form. However, drinking too much water also affects the power of the kidneys to filter out impurities, though not many problems have been established due to this.

8. Controlling Body Temperature
Water can control body temperature because of the thermal form of water that has the ability to release body heat when sweat. The monitored body temperature also makes you feel more energized when exercising. Drinking water after exercise will reduce the risk of joint and muscle pain, and avoid cramps and sprains.

9. Reduce the Negative Impact of Alcohol
Alcohol can make you urinate often. Some experts refer each person who has drunk a lot of alcohol to multiply drinking water before sleeping so that the negative effects of alcohol become less.

10. Deal with Bad Breath
Bad breath or a pungent odor of the mouth is one of the aspects of keeping one of you away. If so you will be removed from the association. If you do not want to linger down in sadness, you better find a way out of the problem you are facing. Bad breath is caused by lack of drinking water so that the mouth becomes moist and can not sweep food particles and accelerate the development of bacteria that cause bad breath. By drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water everyday,  the unpleasant odor that comes out of your mouth will eventually disappear because the bacteria or germ triggers are dead.

Surely now you already know that the effort to make sure the body remains healthy can be done in an easy way, one of which drinks lots of water according to the same amount of activity that you do.

Source : www.infokesehatan.my.id

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