Hypertension, Beware!

Did you know that normal blood pressure is around 120/80 mmHg? If more than that, then a person is said to be at risk of developing high blood pressure or hypertension. If high blood pressure is left alone, it certainly can damage blood vessels and organs in the body and cause hypertension complications

Some of the complications of hypertension that can occur include:

1.      Heart Attack

High blood pressure can harden and thicken the arteries. It causes blockages in blood vessels and make the heart does not get enough oxygen. The result can be a heart attack.

2.      Heart Failure

When your blood pressure is high, the heart muscle pumps blood harder to meet the needs of blood to all parts of the body. Over time, this makes the heart muscle thicken and make the heart difficult to pump enough blood. It leads to a heart failure.

3.       Stroke

Strokes happens when oxygen-rich blood flow to some areas of the brain is disrupted because there is a blockage or a broken blood vessel. The blockage occurs because of atherosclerosis in the blood vessels. This happens because the blood pressure is too high so the blood vessels in one area of the brain burst.

4.      Aneurysm

Aneurysm is an abnormal dilation of the arteries due to the condition of the walls of the blood vessels is weak. It is caused by a very high blood pressure. Aneurysm usually do not cause signs or symptoms for years. However, if the aneurysm continues to enlarge and eventually rupture, this can be life threatening.

5.      Kidneys Problem

The uncontrolled high blood pressure can constrict and weaken blood vessels in the kidneys.

6.      Eyes Problem

Eyes condition can also be affected by high blood pressure. The blood vessels in the eye can constrict and thicken due to high blood pressure. The blood vessels can then rupture and cause eye damage, ranging from blurred vision to blindness.

7.      Memorizing and Focusing

Cognitive abilities can change due to uncontrolled high blood pressure. You may experience problems in thinking, memorizing and learning. Difficulty in finding words when talking and losing focus when talking are the signs of it.

Check your health condition regularly. If you find something unusual, find your doctor to get an examination immediately.

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