Kasih Ibu Hospital offers hemodialysis facilities for inpatients and outpatients with acute or chronic kidney failure who require high standard and safe dialysis treatment.

Hemodialysis is an action performed on patients to filter waste and water from their blood as the function of their kidney is damaged or impair. It is using a dialysis machine and a special filter acted as an artificial kidney. Hemodialysis works as certain substances from the blood through the semi permeable membrane, in this case from the blood compartment to the dialysate compartment.

Kasih Ibu Hospital provides Hemodialysis services to help patients to carry out their daily activities independently as well to make their living life more better and vibrant.

Traveler Dialysis

Kasih Ibu Hospital offers Dialysis Travel Support to treat patients while enjoying a vacation. Our service even includes sending patients from the hotel to the hospital and vice versa. Hemodialysis tourists who visit Bali need no worry anymore about Diaysis service. They can undergo it while in a holiday.

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