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Kasih Ibu Hospital for you, Kasih Ibu Loyalty Card (KILC)
There are many benefits you can get if you have KILC, such as room discount, medicines and many others.
You can also get Reward Points that can be exchanged with a variety of health services, shopping vouchers, staying at a villa, and others.

Term and Conditions:

  • Valid for foreigners patients with Limited Residence Permit Card and Local patients
  • Inpatient and Outpatient
  • Can be used by family member or others who will seek treatment at Kasih Ibu Hospital
  • Only valid at Kasih Ibu Hospital Denpasar, Kedonganan & Saba
  • Reward can be taken at anytime

There are 1 types of cards with  benefits:


  • General patient.
  • Discount only, without point.
  • Discount is given for supporting examination of 10%, room 10% and medication 5%.


Get application on App Store (IOS) & Play Store (Android), lSearch “KILC”.
Login with your registered phone number

  1. Select Use Mobile Number
  2. Input your number with +62 (8765 4321 0000)
  3. Select Continue
  4. Select SMS Verification Method
  5. After you get the verification message (4 digit code), input it to the application
  6. Login is successful, then KILC Card and QR Code will appear on Member Info.

KILC Application Features

Home (house icon)

  1. News & Event: News & Promotion Kasih Ibu Hospital
  2. Doctor’s Schedule: Info Kasih Ibu Hospital Polyclinic Schedule at 4 Branches
  3. Hospital Location: Profile Kasih Ibu Hospital at 4 Branches
  4. Social Media: Click “Like” via application to get Reward Point

Reward List (gift icon) : The list of available rewards. You can exchange it for the points you have earned. We will update the reward regularly. Not valid for “Classic” members.
Member Info (person icon) : You will get notification for every transaction at Kasih Ibu Hospital, update info and promo.
MEMBER INFO (icon berbentuk orang) : Info about your membership and points.