doctor examining on a patient

Radiology Service is a medical support service to provide radiological examination. It involves photos / images we use to support diagnosing illnesses in order to enable Doctor to provide proper treatment.  In order to meet these needs, Kasih Ibu Hospital gives the latest equipments for diagnosis and placed experienced and expert doctors and radiographers in radiology services. These collaboration can maintain the diagnostic needs of all specialist fields at Kasih Ibu Hospital.

Those who are going to have Radiology treatment need to bring referral certificate from their Doctor.

Digital & Teleradiology

Digital technology enables Doctors to get scan result as prompt as possible wherever they are. Radiology exams like computed topography (CT) scans, CAT scans, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are essential for obtaining digital scans that aid doctors in diagnosing illnesses and diseases. The results of these tests are forwarded to patients’ attending physicians in Bali. Doctors don’t have to be at the hospital to deliver the scan result to the patients because their records can be stored in and sent digitally through a server.

  • MRI

    KIH Denpasar Radiologi MRI 0.35T

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    KIH Saba MRI 0.35 Tesla

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  • X - Ray

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  • Dental Panoramic

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