emergency unit

Ensure that you and your family’s urgent medical needs are immediately attended to by the competent, compassionate, and experienced emergency unit department of Kasih Ibu General Hospital in Bali.

Our Emergency Room (ER) is supported by a team of doctors and nurses who have been trained and experienced in carrying out emergency services. They have certificates such as Emergency Patient Management, Advance Cardiac Life Support, Advance Trauma Life Support, as well as other training in emergency fields, in order to increase their ability and skills.

Ambulance Unit is ready to react in a short time to emergency actions that occur in all areas in Bali.


Our ambulance service can be used for non-emergency needs:

  • Stand By Ambulance is used for:
    • Public Event
    • Sport Event
    • Social Service
    • Closed events held by institutions, communities or individuals
    • Other activities that require the alertness of our hospital team

For reservations and more information about Stand By Ambulance service, please contact Customer Care.

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