Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits

Along with the technological development there are now many medical services to speed up patient’s recovery. One of them is Hyperbaric Therapy, a therapy that combines the use of 100% oxygen with pressure above 1 Absolute Atmosphere in a Hyperbaric Chamber.

Initially, hyperbaric therapy was used to treat diving accident patients with decompression illness, where the symptoms appeared were the body feels weak, dizzy to shortness of breath. This condition arises when the body feels changes in water or air pressure quickly, so the nitrogen in the blood forms bubbles that caused blood flow clogged and the nervous system that cause serious conditions leading to death.

Hyperbaric therapy has proven effective in helping to cure a number of diseases, especially related to the restructuring of damaged body cells. Seeing the very wide use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in healing various diseases, this treatment service cannot be ignored.

Therefor, in order to answer the needs of the community, especially in Bali, which is often visited by divers from various regions and countries, Kasih Ibu Hospital Saba now has HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy services.

How Does HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) Work

Hyperbaric therapy chambers have high levels of pure oxygen, therefore various objects such as lighter or battery powered devices are very much avoided in hyperbaric oxygen therapy rooms. After being confirmed not to carry objects and fire sensitive equipment, the patient is then put into a compressed air chamber with two to three times higher than normal atmospheric air pressure, then given pure oxygen breathing (100%) for one to two hours.

Because the pressure in the room is very high, some patients may feel uncomfortable when in it. Some will feel pain in their ear. When the therapy is finished, the patient will usually feel very tired, “flying” sensation and starving. For the treatment itself can be done in a sitting or standing position.

If you need hyperbaric therapy service, please kindly contact the Hyperbaric & Diving Medicine Center immediately at (0361) 3003028 for consultation with the relevant doctor.