Our laboratory provides the best information and services. It is done to maximize the delivery of effective health services by ensuring that the right tests are carried out at the right person, at the right time, producing accurate test results that enable service providers to make the right diagnosis. And therapeutic decisions use the right level of health care sources.

The service provides the information needed by doctors to start, adjust and discontinue treatment. This allows the most appropriate and effective use of drugs and other therapies, and allows patients to be treated at the most appropriate level of care and time period.

Laboratorium Information System (LIS)

LIS system lets the sample is taken. Then it will give a barcode to avoid errors or the possibility of being swapped with other samples. Barcodes that are already installed in the sample will automatically put in the LIS system. Therefore the doctors can get the result online wherever they are.

Tumor Marker

Kasih Ibu Hospital delivered Tumor Marker service or examination for tumors in patients starting January 2, 2018.
Tumor Marker is a support examination to find tumor cases in patients, differential diagnosis of benign cancer, follow up patients diagnosed with cancer, control the effectiveness of therapy as well as in the prognosis after diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Blood Test

  • Complete Blood Test
  • Hematology
  • Blood Group + Rhesus
  • Blood Smears
  • TORCH Test
  • Immuno Serology
  • Cholesterol test
  • Kidney function test
  • Liver function test
  • Electrolyte
  • Screening for hepatitis B and C
  • Analysis Blood Gas
  • Thyroid Test
  • Hormon Test
  • Cancer Marker
  • Bacteria Test
  • Heart Marker

Urine Test

  • Urine Test Routine
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Medicine Test
  • Bacteria Test

Tumor Marker

  • PFA – Prostate Cancer
  • AFP – Liver Cancer, Testicles and Ovary Cancer
  • CEA – Colon Cancer, Pancreas Cancer, Breast Cancer and Medular Typhoid
  • CA125 – Ovary Cancer
  • CA15-3 – Breast Cancer

Stool Test

  • Routine Disposal Tests
  • Disposal Check
  • Parasitic Test


  • Gram GO, Trichomonas and Candida Albicans tests
  • Acid-Resistant Bacill Test
  • Fungi Test
  • Gall Culture / Salmonella typhi bacteria test
  • Pus, Sputum and Secret Culture tests