Hyperbaric Seminar

Various therapies appear to support the clinical healing process. Currently, one of the therapies that is quite discussed is Hyperbaric Therapy. Treatment methods that can enhance the body’s natural healing process by breathing pure oxygen.

Kasih Ibu General Hospital Saba held a public seminar on Hyperbaric Therapy or known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) with the topic: “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Beauty, Fitness and Divers” on Saturday, 13th July 2019.

The seminar was held as a series of the 3rd Anniversary of Kasih Ibu General Hospital Saba and the soft opening of the Hyperbaric Therapy Kasih Ibu Hospital Saba. The main speaker was Dr. Anita Devi, M.Sc – a Hyperbaric Specialist. She is the only hyperbaric specialist and diving expert in Bali and Eastern Indonesia.

According to Dr. Anita, Hyperbaric Therapy is a therapy that combines the use of 100% oxygen with pressure above 1 Absolute Atmosphere in a Hyperbaric Chamber.

Initially, hyperbaric therapy was used to treat patients with accidental diving with Decompression Illness. The symptoms that appear are the body feels weak, dizzy to shortness of breath. This condition arises when the body feels changes in water or the air pressure is too fast, so the nitrogen in the blood forms bubbles that clog blood vessels and organ tissue. It can caused serious conditions until death.

Hyperbaric Therapy can now be used to treat patients with other clinical complaints as science develops. They are:

– Diabetic wounds that are difficult to heal

– Sudden Deafness

– Post Stroke Patients

– Patient with Fracture

Breathing pure oxygen through hyperbaric therapy is also useful for fitness and beauty. Pure oxygen is given to help increase oxygen levels in the body’s cell tissues where oxygen will certainly stimulate the acceleration of regeneration and restore physical fatigue.

Hyperbaric Therapy at Kasih Ibu General Hospital Saba is carried out in a chamber with a submarine-like design. The working system of the tool is by inserting the patient into the Hyperbaric Chamber then being pressured like when diving. So when entering into this tool, the patient is given pure oxygen into the body which certainly serves for medical healing.

Director of Kasih Ibu General Hospital Saba – dr. Gede Ngurah Buana, M. Kes hopes that this Hyperbaric Therapy can help patients and the community, especially for patients who experience decompression from diving. Besides, it is also hoped that a healthy community will further improve their health through fitness gained from this therapeutic tool.

For those who wants to get more information of Hyperbaric Therapy and Bali Dental & Implants Center, please visit: hyperbaric.kih.co.id and dental.kih.co.id or (0361) 3003028

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